The Road to SME

The Road To SMEYou are my client;  your money is simply the vehicle.

Someone who I admire greatly once told me that everyone has a life story.  While you’re alive, you’re in the process of writing the story.  Hopefully, you’re doing your own writing.  If you don’t take this responsibility, someone else will gladly write it for you.  I’m here to help you to write your own life story.  Your ideal life.  The way you’ve always wanted it to be.

Welcome to the Smart Money ExperienceTM.  This will be a uniquely powerful  process of aligning your financial choices with your most important lifetime goals and your most deeply held values.  I will show you how to accomplish this as I orchestrate a team of best in class experts in vital financial disciplines such as Investment Management, Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Estate & Trust Planning, and Insurance.  I hold everyone involved accountable (including you) to do everything in our control to create the highest probability of achieving your goals.  The result is a truly preeminent experience toward your success.

My clients are financial delegators, often capable of managing their own money adequately.  However,  they choose to spend their time doing things that are more personally rewarding.   I am your  trusted advocate to get your entire financial house in complete order and keep it that way into the future.  With the confidence that I am serving you  in accordance with your best interests, you can get on with your life; with the things that are more rewarding than money.

So now, start to imagine if you can, what your life would be like if you were free to do more of the things that really matter to you.  Allow me to do the rest.  It all begins with the first step, which is to complete your Financial Road Map®.  I am looking forward to connecting with you.

My very best to you,

Don R. Martin, CFP®