Imagine a world in which trust, pro-activity, and enhancing your quality of life were the number one priorities of your financial advisor…

That’s the world our clients live in.

SMETM Advisors are an elite group of financial professionals who practice The Smart Money Experience (SMETM). Our vision is to help our clients make smart choices about their money so they can achieve their goals, fulfill their purpose, and live a great life. SMETM is a premier, comprehensive financial planning process that addresses every area of a client’s financial house,helps put it in order and helps keep it in order for the rest of their life.

“We’re Money Mentors… Our specialty is to listen… I mean really listen to hear what’s important to you… and then we orchestrate a team of subject matter experts to help you make even smarter choices about your money so you can live the great life you want to live.”

“For example, we had a lady who came to us when she was selling her business. When we were done, she got a better price… and saved a boat load of money in taxes.”

“She funded a charitable foundation… started a new business… and invested the rest. They live on a lake and recently took a trip to Europe. She’s living a great life. That’s what we do.”