How Do You Get There?

How Do You Get There?The Smart Money ExperienceTM (SME) is a comprehensive financial planning process that includes the fully integrated implementation of Values Based Financial PlanningTM (VBFP).

For you, SMETM begins with a Financial Road Map® Conversation that gives you clarity on what’s more important than money…to you.  It’s where it all starts and it’s where the most important information lies for us.  From that, we are able to construct a Written Financial action Plan that is rooted in the Ten Planning Deliverables; which a defined process for helping to put your  financial “house” in order… and help keep it in order for the rest of your life, with me being your Trusted Advisor.

Within each of the above sessions, we partner with a Deliverables Team of Subject Matter Experts who provide us with:

  • Written Financial Action Plans (S2)
  • Asset Allocation Plans (S3)
  • Financial Safety/Insurance Plans (S4)
  • Web-Based Progress Reports (PR)

Then, if it applies to your specific situation, we also offer:

  • Tax Action Plans (SS5)
  • Estate Action Plans (SS6)
  • Heritage Action Plans (SS7)
  • Charitable Action Plans (SS8)
  • Business Action Plans (SS9)

This allows us to deliver a consistently superior experience to you regardless of uncertain economies and market volatility, while simultaneously improving your quality of life. That’s the power of the Smart Money ExperienceTM